Yerzmyey's ATARI studio

From the left: ATARI 1040 STe 4Mb + SatanDisk 2Gb SD card; the main instrument: ATARI 520 STfm 1Mb + HxC (loading from the laptop), ATARI Falcon 030 4Mb + 4Gb CF card. On the drawer - sticker of FOREVER 8-bit party. :) :) :)

On a monitor: the rat. ;)




Try to find YERZMYEY in Pinokio's Atari-studio! ;) 

There is also a hidden enemy - Amiga 500!!!!! AAAARRRRGHHH!!!! ;) 




Factor6's 8bit/16bit studio

Commodore 64, Atari 800XE, ZX Spectrum 128+, Atari 520ST+, CASIO PT-1 toy-keyboard.


Factor6 and prosatko. ;)



Pac-man eats Apple ;)